Quotes & Styles® is a Creative Consultancy that offers Creative direction for a range of clients in the sectors of entertainment, sport & fashion.

We provide a new creative process that offers brands and partners increased engagement and exposure directly to their audiences at the beginning, middle, and end of production. We take brands and partners along the creative journey with us. We provide a new creative process for creatives, artists and collaborators, to be seen, promoted and heard right from the start, middle and end of production.

Our mission is to capture the quotes, stories, and styles of individuals through portraits, words, film, and other creative mediums, delivering a positive message.

Because "For every style there a quote and for every quote there a style."

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  • Art Direction & Design
  • Art Direction, Photography
  • Motion Graphics, Video Editing
  • Linktree

  • Services

    360° Art Direction
    across visual design, campaign roll-out, social media, storytelling, editorial, video, and animation, photo shoots, capsule collections, and more. From concept to execution, we orchestrate campaigns that leave a lasting impact.
    Graphic design
    across digital, social media, print, OOH, activations, and experiences that visually grab the attention of viewers.
    Portrait photography
    that captures the essence of the individual, highlighting their unique styles and visual storytelling.
    Editorial photo shoots
    that engage and take the audience on a visual journey, whether in a studio or outdoors; we bring our editorials to life.
    that captivate and engage viewers with a unique blend of visual storytelling and creative expression.
    that is ready for social media in short and long formats, ensuring your message resonates with your audience and keeps them returning.
    across video editing, motion graphics, retouching, color grading, audio cleaning, and audio design.
    Talent sourcing
    on a project-by-project basis, utilizing our network to find and search for the best creative collaborators for your projects.
    through our podcasts, breakdown decks, zine, and social media posts, creating an open source of inspiration to inspire and help creatives.
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