Creatives are the new athletes so why are we not treating them as such?

Creatives are the new athletes so why are we not treating them as such?

Picture a professional football player preparing for the Champions League final, having trained rigorously for weeks. On game day, the team arrives at the stadium to an eerie silence--no fans, no press, no excitement. The match unfolds without the usual buzz, with no halftime shows or pundit analyses due to the absence of spectators. Despite the emptiness, the team triumphs in style, showcasing the power of training, tactics, and teamwork. As they lift the trophy, the stadium finally comes alive with fans, press teams, and pundits who all arrive at the end of the match to witness the result and trophy lift.

Does this sound familiar? No this is a strange scenario right? It doesn’t happen in any sport let alone football. But this is the scenario currently happening across 99% of editorials and productions worldwide on a daily basis.

I’ve worked in Sports for 9 years and what I’ve realised is the power of sports lies in recognizing athletes as one of the most promotable assets for promoting matches across various channels and ads, dominating press conferences, fueling pundit discussions, inspiring comparisons, and sparking debates among fans the list goes on.

Creatives are akin to athletes; they undergo years of training, consistently adapting their creativity, and often collaborate within teams. However, we are not always accorded the same recognition. As a creative myself, leading the vision and brand of Quotes and Styles, I am determined to bring about that change.

Accepting The Status Quo

Right now all planning and preparation is done in secret and there is no engagement with target audiences, brands, partners or talent for weeks, months of no exposure of what is coming. With the only exposure being when the work has been published.

This has been the process of 99% of productions & editorials for years, I myself have been a part of it, engaged in this process and really asked myself a question this year? Why?. Who said this was the set rule of doing things? Why is this process so isolated?

Quotes & Styles has introduced a new process. By deviating from the norm, we have achieved increased engagement, viewership, and exposure for partners, creatives, and talent. Just by this process alone regardless of the numbers due to the fact that nobody in the industry is doing it everyone has been following the same script and we are the only ones to flip the script.

Creatives are no longer settling for the Small Print

The only reason I am familiar with many creatives in the field right now is because I have The only reason I am familiar with many creatives in the field right now is because I have organically read the small print in many magazines, credits, websites, films and on social media over several years. I was called crazy but its the only way of knowing who the 1000s of creatives are behind some of the productions everyone sees on a daily basis big or small.

It's like signing up for a new streaming service and then being presented with the terms and conditions page. 99% of users do not spend any time reading through the terms and conditions. So, why, as creatives, are we okay with just being the small print of a published work that's already been produced and finished? Wouldn't you be happier if you were seen and promoted on a much more visual scale from the start, middle and end?

Most creatives of this nature are not primarily on LinkedIn; their following is mainly built on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Threads, Pinterest, and Creative Networks. In some cases, they are the brand, the celebrity, the talent--possessing their own fanbases who have followed them throughout every campaign, editorial, or production. Their rooting for them, with some eager to work with them or inspired by their work.

Brick Magazine shared this statement on TikTok back in early 2023 that caught my eye:

The Best job roles now aren't ever going to be listed. The ones that are in the creative industry, they're going to be posted on some editors or videographer or stylists Instagram Stories. It's not gatekeeping because it's open call but it still is if you don't know who to follow to find these jobs. So I think sharing everything with your mates is like the best way that we're going to solve those problems and get people who don't feel like they belong in those rooms and give them a chance to be in those rooms

@bricksmagazine Dont know where to look? Our team curate 50+ creative industry ops every week via our Learner Platform. 🔗 in bio! Inc freelance, grants, fixed term, collabs and internships. #careeradvice #learnontiktok #creativejobs ♬ original sound - BRICKS

This is why its so important now more than ever to highlight, share and not reduce creatives to just being the small print of a credit lists as the only metric of recognition.

Quotes & Styles we showcase creatives at the start in a visual way that showcases there profile including last minute additions that means more opportunities to network. As creatives are seen, promoted, heard. From an education perspective provides those coming up in the industry with references of who they can and want to inspire to be.

A new type of creative is on the rise

There not interested in following the status quo or accepting the notion of "That's just how the industry works." Instead, they seek change, actively instigating it and defining new subcultures, whether individually or as groups. They are breaking down the rulebook, sharing codes, and transforming the visual landscape.

Recently, I attended a DAZED webinar titled "REDEFINING SUBCULTURES; THE REPORT." I highly recommend it to anyone seeking insights into the shifts of projected subcultures and how its relevant to the future of our industry. The webinar was enlightening, and among the key takeaways from my notes:

  • The mainstream is dead
  • Nichification en masses has extinguished
  • Traditional meanings of subcultures are changing
  • Now, everything is ‘MID’

  • SEO
    Open Source Inspiration with Gatekeeping Prohibited

    The creative industry has been a place that practices gatekeeping, prompting me to take the initiative in addressing it by curating and sharing content. Everything shared has been personally sourced and compiled to assist anyone in need of information or those simply unaware of it. Over the years, I've brought references to this platform from what I've seen, heard, and written down. If one person gets inspired and references this platform, that's the goal for me.

    As Pharrell Williams recently emphasized, "We need to be sharing the codes amongst each other for 2024.”

    There's a shift, and those who have seen it know that hiding processes is an outdated practice. People are now sharing codes, divulging their processes, and offering tips and tricks. All you have to do is take a scroll on your feeds and see for yourself.

    While no one is obligated to share information, I've personally experienced reaching out to people in our industry for help and receiving radio silence. It prompted me to think that something has to change here

    Quotes and Styles provides insight, gives credit, and inspires by its nature, which will garner more engagement and respect. In addition to this also utilise our Podcasts, Podcast Breakdown Decks, Styles Watch / Quotes Watch and Art Direction Idea Decks after publication to inspire others.

    Flip the house upside down

    In 2023 I was out with family and randomly saw a upside down house in the middle of a shopping area, I was so intrigued by what this was as it caught my attention that I went to find out if I could go inside. I had to pay for a look inside but when I went in everything looked normal and made sense. This house is a perfect metaphor for the Quotes & Stylesprint out of all the houses you see on a daily basis all the houses are built the same, follow the same process of how there built, have the same exterior and don’t really gather attention.

    However an upside down house will Garner the attention of many and thats the key. It brings people on the journey at the start and teases what coming instead of bringing them onboard only at the end of the match

    How do you know this works?

    I have receipts, timelines, screenshots, proof and vision to know that this is just the tip of the iceberg and that this will not only work but will completely disrupt the status quo of our industry and that nobody can lose from this in fact everyone wins.

    The Queens Gambit Editorial took something well known and added a twist in every aspect. I used many references that might not have been considered in a traditional sense and brought them together so everything linked across different media and art styles.

    While coming up in this industry, I always felt like many things were hidden, out of reach, or not seen. I simply asked myself one question: “Why are the credits only given at the end?” from this statement I’ve completely flipped the process of how I did this editorial from start to finish and I believe this will be groundbreaking moving forward.

    So its very simple lets talk if....
    Nine Windows of Opportunity

    Our next Editorial for 2024 is Titled the "Nine Windows of Opportunity" I'm eager to continue bringing this vision to life in 2024. We need backers, Collaborators, We need people who believe in the vision and want to do something different in the space this year and beyond. Whether you require our unique process for your production or wish to be involved in Quotes & Styles® reach out to me and let's make 2024 the year we bring our ideas to fruition!


    Article Written by: Tobi Laniyan - Founder of Quotes & Styles®

    Sources: TikTok @brickmagzine Youtube: Pharrell Williams’ $1 Billion Plan For Black And Hispanic Entrepreneurs DAZED STUDIO "REDEFINING SUBCULTURES; THE REPORT