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SEOImage Source: First editorial for Quotes & Styles @johnntero shot by Tobi

Back in 2019 I headed back home from work and decided to look at the magazine section at WH Smith. Looked through a couple of magazines and decided to pick up one called SoccerBible.

I looked through a couple of magazines and decided to pick up one called SoccerBible. It was probably one of the best purchasing decisions I've made and what I saw really inspired me but I also noticed a huge gap in the market and the words popped into my head.

"Why isn’t more of this sort of creative being done in the industry I work in"? I didn’t have the answer at the time, but I knew I needed to do my own exploration to find out. I bought a second-hand DLSR camera and lens and never looked back, took a short course on my birthday, which was the only time I had off, and really did not have a clue what I was doing but understood enough to get me started. Since then I’ve shot at London Fashion Week, Comic-Con, BoxPark as well as some of the best and upcoming models in the game, aspiring musicians and creative individuals from all walks of life to be a part of this series. Whilst at the same time connecting with modeling agencies, stylists, set designers, sound designers, videographers and photographers.

This all came about through a sense of exploration, a need to explore out of my craft, a desire to venture out of my comfort zone, and an outlet for creative expression. I recently gave a talk to MA and Undergrad students at my former university and discussed the importance of self-initiated projects as a tool for creative expression.

In the past two years I've realised that not only having the courage to start the process was the most enjoyable thing, but many things I was actually skilled in complimented and compensated for the lack of knowledge in other areas. It also most importantly benefited my mental health which massively tanked before lockdown and my quotes and styles project was one of the first things I did to get back outside connecting with people, hearing their stories, challenges and triumphs.

If you have an idea take steps towards it, learn just about enough to get you started and then pick up the rest via experience, use what you have around you first, and even if you don’t know how, love that you gave it a try anyway, and if you enjoy it keep on doing it.

I'm kicking off the series after a bit of a break from 6th of June there are no deadline dates, success targets or goals or aims its a continuous project of exploration and evolution using the same camera and lens I picked up two years ago because I just like a challenge :) Massive credit goes out to all the models who offered their time, Agencies: BAME Models, J'adore Models and volunteers who wanted to collaborate and the various connections made over the last two years.

This is a portrait series that captures individuals with unique styles alongside their own unique quotes. Started in 2020 by Tobi, my goal is to bring real meaning and stories to this series. I use creativity and raw improvisation to create natural and authentic portrait shots. With slight hints of color brought in through the lens of my interests, which include sportswear, music, fashion, art, and anything creative. This series was born out of a desire to see what was achievable in this space. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and using our creativity to showcase the diverse and unique styles of whoever we capture in shot. Quotes & Styles is a belief that every individual has a story to tell, and I aim to capture that story through portraits, words, film, and other mediums. Our series showcases a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life with different backgrounds and stories to share. If you would like to get involved or collaborate, please email me at: